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April 11, 2019 @ 9:45 am

Life Is Scary + Broken Engagements, Testicular Lumps, and Hernias (Ep 21)

All it takes is one bad thing happening to us to remind us how helpless we are and tempt us into fear. As children we deal with this fear by (ideally) putting our faith in our parents to take care of everything that could go wrong. Then as adults we often construct in our minds this little world that we feel relatively safe and secure in, but life has a way of knocking over our Jenga tower leaving us longing for something certain in this life.

The goal of course is to replace the child-like faith we had in our parents with a child-like faith in God, but this is just not always an easy thing to do.

With Justin's Jenga tower recently shaken due to hernia surgery, he needed some help working through it so he asks Dan and Jake about the situations in their lives that challenged their perception of safety/security and what the process of trusting God through it looked like. We hope this helps anyone who is struggling, or at the very least helps everyone feel more comfortable with struggling at all.

The struggle is real but so is God.


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