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January 11, 2019 @ 8:13 am

Discovering the Power of Prayer with Drew Meyer (Ep 13)

With Dan off in Disney World, we sub in pastor and author Drew Meyer to talk about the power of prayer in family life. If you ever wonder about:

  • how to stoke a passion for prayer in you children
  • how to maintain faith when praying for big things in your family
  • how to answer the big "why" questions of God
  • how to foster an family dynamic where everyone encourages one another

...then you are just like us. Drew's got some great insights, I hope they help you as much as they did us.

Check out Drew's new book Discovering the Power of Prayer: 12 Truths that Can Awaken the Church to Pray on Amazon!

Intro music- "As Colourful as Ever" by Broke for Free from FMA under CC BY 3.0

Outro music- "Night Owl" by Broke for Free from FMA under CC BY 3.0

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